Car Show Outtake: 1957 GMC Suburban – All Business

09-08-2012 015 (1024x695)

Here’s another cool old car from–that’s right!–the Geneseo car show, home to the Turbo-Thrift Six ‘70.5 Camaro, ’64 Stude Cruiser, the nicest Dodge Omni in the world, and other stamped-steel delights. This one was actually in the spectator parking, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth a look. And since we’ve just read about the ‘Burban that succeeded this one, I thought the time was right.

09-08-2012 014 (1024x682)

I’ve always preferred the GMC’s more comprehensive gauges to the Chevy-sibling’s fan-shaped speedometer. I’m sure this car has some modern bits underneath (probably no Jimmy straight six either–rats!), judging from the late ’80s steering wheel. From the interior, it appears this car was originally coral.

Though decked out in primer, I’m thinking a white-over coral color combination would be most excellent! As it sits, it’s still pretty cool though.

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