In Motion CC: 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille – Sucks More Fuel Than Three Prii, But Does It In Style

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This is actually the last of three shots in a sequence of a ’62 Cadillac pulling away from a curbside mailbox in Corvallis the other day. But only in looking at it now did I realize that it’s accelerating (quite briskly, with very noticeable and pleasurable sound) in front of three Prii, parked in front of a bicycle shop, no less. Oregon is a perpetual study in contrasts. 

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Here’s the first shot. We were walking back to our car, disappointed that I missed a shot of a very ratty Datsun B-210 hatchback chugging down the street earlier. And then this beautiful Caddy pulled over, to allow its youngish driver to make a mail deposit. By the time I fumbled out my phone and got the camera awake, it was pulling away.

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He looked over his shoulder to make sure he was cleared for take-off, and gave the spurs to its 390 cubic inch V8. Although the 390 was not as big as the engines in the Lincoln (430) and Imperial (413), it was lighter than either of them, and its four-speed Hydramatic was more efficient, with a very low first gear for a quick getaway. The ’63 Cadillac was undoubtedly the fuel economy champ of the luxury car class.

Needless to say, it makes quite a contrast to the rest of the cars on the street.

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Here’s that same last shot, un-cropped. There’s something about seeing a Cadillac of this vintage on the go that never fails to create a visceral response. Suddenly I’m nine years old again; or nineteen; or twenty nine; or thirty nine; or forty nine; or fifty nine; or…