CCs Through the Looking-Glass: Closer Than They Appear

Yesterday’s ’52 Chrysler in the sideview mirror got enough positive response to make me dredge through my archives to find more. Today’s diaporama starts off with an import, this 1965 Dodge Dart GT—the Valiant Signet was the substantially similar domestic car; it differed in badges, trim, and mechanical specifications. Having spotted this one just under sixty seconds after starting out on a long and unwanted trip, I chose to take it as a good omen. Sure enough, I eventually made it back.


Next, a familial ’66 Plymouth; the kind of car God had, according to Scripture (“He drove them out of the Garden in a Fury” somewhere in Genesis; also Jeremiah 32:37 “In my Fury, and in great wrath; I will bring them again unto this place”). Not the best photo, but the best I could do in the time I had before the light was about to go green.


Today is Caturday, in the parlance of the hep young internet people, so here y’go. I’m generally not a panther fan—bitten too hard, too often—but this is my least-unfavourite variant; I think these are the best-looking of the bunch. This car—if we ignore the vandalistic wheels—reminds me of the one our across-the-street neighbour had for years when I was growing up.


Oh, I gotchyuh cherry-red ’54 Mercury pickup, right ovuh HEEyuh! This one warranted a bonus non-mirror pic. Being stuck waiting at a notoriously long light to turn left, I had no reason not to turn around and snag it:


Rounding out today’s series is this makeshit makeshift mirror repair. One imagines (at least I do) Jan Brady having a meltdown over her lost, stolen, or strayed mirror:


(Oh, one other thing: if you’re particularly sharp-eyed you may detect something unusual about some of these pics. This makes hint № 2 now, and I think that’s enough.)