Dash-Cam Outtake: 1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop

Once again my faithful dash-cam captures another classic, whilst driving north. And this one is all too familiar.


I had to be at the Haifa branch of our company, so I took to visit my Mom the day before, as it’s on the way. And here’s what I saw:

No need to explain about Mustangs on Curbside Classic, I presume. Also, this is not the first hardtop I’ve captured and brought here, as these are very popular in Israel among the classic car commune (many many imported into the country in recent years).

As for this particular car, I have photos of it dating almost ten years ago from various classic meetings, as it’s a well known participant:

Pretty standard, as you can see, and only really ruined by those ugly mud-flaps. you decide about those yellow rectangular inner lights.

Here are more 1967 Hardtop photos from classic meetings:

You can’t go wrong with these wheels, that enhance the Mustang’s looks ten times fold. And see the next photos for yet better looks:

This white car is another regular at classic meetings, and quite possibly is the best example of the current Mustang owners, that prefer the classic unmolested body but indulge in some enhancements, such as those stripes and the modern sized (but classic look) wheels.

Last two photos are of same vintage convertibles, just to be diverse. Enjoy: