In-Motion Classic: 1985(?) Lamborghini Countach 5000S – Sophia Loren Strolls By


I live in a very quiet bedroom suburban community of San Diego.  The neighborhood was built in the early 1970s, and a lot of the homes are still owned by the original owners.  From an automotive standpoint, there is not a lot of excitement around here.  Mostly sedans and SUVs from mainstream brands sprinkled with some luxury makes.  The Plum Crazy Hellcat Challenger 4 blocks over and my 12 year old Magnum are what counts for auto excitement in this neighborhood.  And yet one day, I was blessed to see the automotive equivalent of Sophia Loren (a famous Italian exotic from another era) just stroll casually by.

Last Saturday afternoon, I was spending some time working on my 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 (COAL, Update).  Time for more modifications.  I had gone into the garage to retrieve a tool when I heard the sound of an engine that seemed very out of place.  As I turned to walk out of the garage back to my car, that’s when it came into view.  That unmistakable wedge shape, the wide fender flares, the scoops, that wing.  It was all there!!  This Italian exotic, which had adorned my bedroom walls when I was a schoolboy, was just casually driving down my street.  Even at just above idle, cruising no faster than the 25mph speed limit, it sounded amazing.  That V12 engine sound is very distinct.  I was flabbergasted, frozen in my tracks.  I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t run out with my phone to snap photos of it as it drove by.  I just stood there, in awe, and gasped loudly many times.  My roommate was under his Jeep Renegade (next to the Magnum) changing his oil.  He asked what was wrong, and I couldn’t speak for a few minutes.

The car had these 1985+ US bumpers on the rear

After regaining my composure, I actually wondered if I saw what I saw.  Had my water been spiked with some mind altering substance and hallucinated this.  The footage from my security system is proof that it actually did happen.  I’m guessing that it was at least a 1985 model, based upon the altered rear bumper/lights.  Without any closer inspection, I couldn’t tell if it was a 5000S or a 5000QV.  The images I saw online of the QV had rocker panel extensions that bridges the wheel wells, which this car did not have.