CC Outtake: Eclectic Driveway

It often pays to change one’s regular walking routine, and by moving over one block on the way home from the river, we came across this fine assemblage. Four CCs clustered together. Let’s take a closer look.


There’s a Honda Civic tall-boy wagon up there, just like we had in 1984. Wonderful car; so roomy for such a small footprint. This is what young families drove before CUVs.

Behind it is a Geo Metro, which like the Honda, were once so common. No more. And there’s a couple of GMC pickups; the gray one of course on generation newer than the bronze one.

The one in front is a fine example; a 3/4 tonner with eight lug wheels and full-floating rear axle. But I doubt this one still had the V6; Chevy V8 power undoubtedly.


One more shot.