In-Motion Classic: 1998 Jaguar XJR (X308)

While on the bus back from work, my eye caught a familiar yet rare shape in traffic. you couldn’t overlook it, as it was so different to anything else around it.


Once near, it became even more impressive once I discovered it was an XJR:

I wasn’t even aware those arrived in Israel at the time. And no, this isn’t a new import, because used cars can only be imported here after thirty years- so says the law.

In the past, XJs always seemed huge to me, but now I find it remarkable is that it doesn’t look all that big compared to the cars around it. Maybe it’s because it’s surrounded by a Voyager and a Discovery or perhaps the X308 was smaller than its predecessors.

I have previously photographed an X308, but it was a “lowly” XJ8, and in “project-mode”, no less:

Going back to the familiar shape, think how long it has been with us- surely by now it has become immortal. And it all started from this: