In-Motion Classic: Dash-Cam JEEP Overland Truck Howling Stuff on a Holiday


My faithful dash-cam captures another unsuspecting classic, this time being worked on the Jewish New Year, of all holidays!


Sunday evening was New Year’s eve in Israel, followed by two holidays free from work. As we went out for a branch with my wife’s family, I suddenly saw this at one of the traffic lights:

Notice it’s carrying stuff on its back. Not only is it impressive to work an at least fifty years old truck, but doing it on a holiday? My oh my… I’m kidding, of course. Tel Aviv is a secular city and it’s most common to witness people (and cars) working through holidays and Sabbaths. The fifty years old classic JEEP is much more impressive.

I thought I remembered this one from a few classic meetings in the past:



But at closer inspection, some details are different, such as the wheels, the canopy, roof color, etc. No matter, this is a chance for me to upload some Overlands I photographed at various classic meetings:






I’ll finish off with a couple of station-wagons:




Happy New Year! (Bet you didn’t expect to read that in October)