CC Outtake: 1961 Rambler American – “Feel Free To Tag”


Oh my; this poor little Rambler American has had to endure another make-over. And there may be more to come. Everyone has been invited to add their creativity to it.


I first shot it back in 2011, and its CC is here. I titled it “The Hip, Ugly American”. Little did I know how hip it was destined to become.


In 2014, it sported a new Tiki motif, with bamboo trim inside and out.


And now it’s got a wild new paint job. Is there a proper name for this style?


There’s a sign on the windshield. Is it for sale? maybe I’ll buy it to spare it any further indignities.


Um, no. An invitation to join in on the new paint job. I’ll pass. I’m pretty easy going about what folks do to their cars, but I have a bit of a soft spot for this old flathead Rambler. Was it really that bad to deserve this?


The detritus of the work so far is on the front seat.


Does this make my butt look bigger?