In-Motion Classic: Mid-Day Mercury Comet

If you recall, last year I managed to capture an early-to-work 1962 Mercury Comet in my trusty dash-cam. Last week I stumbled upon another, yet earlier specimen.


This was after mid-day, as the dash-cam’s clock testify, and rightly so; In Israel, classic cars registered as “Collectible Vehicles” are not allowed on public roads during weekdays, between 6:30 to 9:30. In return owners pay reduced MOT taxes and insurance rates.

So it’s no wonder the owner of this 1961 Comet chose to drive it after the designated forbidden time-window:


And as with many of these classics, I am familiar with this car also, as I’ve seen and photographed it before, in a classic cars’ meeting:

The license plate tells me this Comet is a recent import to Israel. It looks much better than that other Comet. Now let me see about capturing a third Comet on the move…