In-Motion Classic: Proof That a Lime Green Beetle Can Brighten Up Your Day


As I’ve recently sold the Corsa mentioned here and returned to the bus, my way to / from work involves waiting. For the bus, that is. And while waiting, you develop Car-Spotting. However, this next classic took no special effort, as you’ll see inside the post.


I mean, just look at this:


Saw it rolling towards me, and quickly readied my smartphone to snap it up. If ever a photo depicted the difference between modern vehicles to classic ones, I think this could come pretty close. The world surrounding the Beetle is mostly Gray (well alright, with some patches of color, like the sky), most vehicles are Silver, Black or White as is the norm with modern cars nowadays. Also, the familiar Beetle shape contrasts with just about everything around it.

I’m always happy to see yet another classic car (even if it’s “just” a VW Beetle) rolling along in everyday traffic, its owner deciding to use rather than hide it.

The preserved look of this Lime Green VW leads me to think I’d better mention the flourishing and very much active local Beetle’s club. There probably are such clubs just about wherever the Beetle’s got to on the planet, and Israel is no exception. See some of my photos, from various club meetings:


Of course, the most common examples are the original-look Beetles, such as these.


There are cars that have been improved slightly, mostly visually.


“Improved” is a matter of taste. I actually like this “on the way to a RAT” look.


Some look as though a body-kit passed near by and decided to explode all over the car. Oh God…


There are Beetles which have been made to look more modernized.


And than there are beautiful examples such as this one, on the surface not much has been done to it but when you look closely, you notice the different stance and track. Once you talk to the owners, you appreciate the amount of work done to the car underneath.


Of course, there are much more modified Beetles, such as this one- with plenty of work done to it.


I nearly forgot the Baja Bugs, all of which are replicas.


Here’s another one, just because it looks so nice.

But for the most part, Beetles are still CCs you can witness parking out there in the everyday world, quite commonly compared to so many other classics that by now, are dead and buried. I’ll leave you with one of these Beetles- a true CC: