In-Motion Classic: Red Corvette C4 Out on a Friday Drive

Whilst I was heading back with my wife from a nice breakfast at a nearby restaurant, I was delighted to witness another C4 ‘Vette has joined Israel, as a new import (well, most of them are these days). Dash-cam ready as ever.


The last time I captured a Corvette C4 was during dark hours, and the footage wasn’t much to write home about. This time, although it was a murky day, at least it was well lit and this C4’s gorgeous red paint clearly shows. According to its wheels, it could be anything from 1985 to 1987. I’m going to decide it’s a 1986, unless some of you can decipher otherwise.

Starting off with… a dog:

It was so funny how this rather large San-Bernard (?) was resting about a meter from the passing traffic, unnerved as if it was looking after (shall I say saving) a particular parking spot for someone. Who knows, maybe it was.

As for the C4, I already wrote about the Israeli Corvette scene in the linked post above, so what’s left is to add some more C4 photos from various local classic car meetings. enjoy:

Neither this nor the red C4 above are the same ‘Vette as this post’s subject. Note the rear wing of this car, though.

Finishing off with an immaculate convertible.