In-Motion Classic: Two Grand Prix for the Price of One Dash-Cam


Well, I don’t know if they’re worth that little these days, but here it’s certainly uncommon to see two on the same day.


“Here”, as some of you may already know, is Israel. The front-wheel-drive, W body Grand Prix was somewhat popular in Israel at the very early Nineties, selling quite well for its segment and price.

Not many survived, so you may understand my surprise to see two of these in one day, one of them (the blue) looking rather preserved. Actually I’m cheating a bit; the parked gray one is on the street where my mom lives, and I see it on and off during parental visits. Now that I think about it, it has been there at least fifteen years, and used all this time.

So here’s the video. I’m still in my Steely Dan phase: