CC Outtake: 1955 Studebaker Drive


I just couldn’t pass this vintage split level house the other day, with this similar-vintage Studebaker sitting in the driveway, looking so very much at home. It’s even harder to pin down the exact year of this house than the Studebaker; but 1955 is probably a good guess, or a bit later. Anyway, the general vibe of that time with that Stude in the driveway is right, except for the replacement vinyl windows upstairs. I’m not exactly sure what year it’s from either, but by 1955 it would have been already a bit elderly, as in relegated to second line duty. The 1955 Ford Ranch wagon is out with Dad and the kids at the Little League game.


It’s a Champion (the shorter and cheaper six cylinder model), and from the first generation (1947-1949) I’m pretty sure. Does anyone know how to peg these for the exact year?