In-Motion Classic: VW T2 Truck – Still Being Worked!


Whoa! What’s that blur?

I call this the “CC effect”. I mean, only yesterday I posted this VW Beetle, caught while waiting for the bus. Well, today, while actually on the bus itself, I managed to play cat and mouse with this very worked Volkswagen Type 2 Pickup Truck. It was the combination of a very slow T2 acceleration, together with the typical stop\start bus ride, which led to the two running more or less side by side.


The bus has stopped at the station and the T2 overtakes us… just barely:



And just look at this. The Outback passing the T2 is huge compared to it. I had to remind myself that I’m looking at a utility vehicle, that was probably considered large at its day.


Stopping side by side at a traffic light allowed me to photograph and inspect it much closer. Not a single straight panel on there.


Starting to move again; the driver looks just as tired as the T2. No Air-Con, together with 30° Celsius and 75% humidity will do that to you.


I think this must be a commercial amount of bathroom sealant around the windshield.


While stopping at the next station, I managed to snap it up one last time before it finally vanished within the traffic.

As the local Israeli classic car commune is not large, and because I have a good memory for classics I see and photograph from time to time, I recalled seeing this T2 previously. A quick look through my photos confirmed my memory:


This photo, along with the next, was actually uploaded to the CC cohort a while back. The funny think is, it was snapped at a street just around the block from my flat…

I’m no expert on T2s, but judging from the indicator lights this example is at least forty-five years old, if not more. In 1972 the indicators were moved above, next to the grill. So this T2 was born sometime between 1967 to 1971.


It’s even more impressive when you notice the license plate; I’ve explained in previous posts that in Israel, if you want to register your over-twenty-five-years-old car as a classic officially, you have to agree not to drive it between 7:00AM to 9:00AM on week days. In return, you get a greatly-reduced MOT yearly tax, and a license plate marked “Collectible Vehicle”. This marking is clearly missing from this T2’s plate, so the owner decided to forfeit the reduced tax (this is madness to me) but in turn, is able to use the truck all day long.

VW T2s in Israel were very popular in their day, much like the T3s, T4s, etc. As a result, and with some cult following (no doubt influenced by the Beetle), quite a few have survived really well. Much like the Beetle, most T2 owners have meetings (mostly along side Beetles), service their vehicles by using specialized mechanics and so on. You know what’s coming next… Photos from various meetings for your pleasure:


Naturally, most T2s are the bus \ van types. Here’s one that its owner uses to promote a business.


Older, pre 1967 cars also exist- although getting very rare.


Here’s another T2 from the green truck’s era, 1967-1971. But this one’s state is a sharp contrast to the working truck.


I mean, have a look at the back of it- and notice the roof.


This T2 is a closed van, as you can see. And behind it…


… A T2 truck. This one is lowered, modified, and has certain goodies, as my sources informed me.


Here it is again, at another meeting. It actually belongs to a local Beetle specialist. Obviously, it’s neglected on purpose.


From the same meeting, this blue T2 truck looks a lot better.

I’ll leave you with a static photo of that neglected green T2 again… or is it?


Well, no it isn’t. Note the double cabin, and most importantly, the aforementioned “collectible” marking on the license plate.

Plus, it looks a lot better.