In-Motion Outtakes: Missed It By That Much – Red Ford XA GT Edition

Welcome to another edition of my lowly-acclaimed Missed It By That Much series. Today, we get to see almost all of the bodies produced by Ford Australia for their XA Falcon GT cars.

All y’all probably think of Max Rockatansky when you see the Hardtop’s shape. For most of us down here, they have a broader imprint on our collective memories. Alongside the Charger and Monaro (maybe not the Force 7 – hehehe), the Falcon tudor from the early 1970s set a high benchmark for attractive styling. Very rare to see any of these now, but the 1972-73 XA would be the rarest (except the Force 7 – hehehe).

The sedans are rare too. Mostly because the XA was only produced for 18 months, whereas the (almost as attractive) XB lasted three years and the last of the line XC another three years. These examples would both appear to be in Red Pepper, almost the default colour for a GT from the period. I saw a yellow GT sedan the other day, but didn’t pull out the camera. That was nice too.

Haha! Tricked you! Got this one in full.

This sedan has redlines in the tyres, a great touch and worth the effort in my opinion. Not as enthralled with the numberplate frame though. Apart from the NACA-ducted hood, you can tell a GT from the grille ahead of the front wheels. Could be a replica but I’m not buying so who cares.

Now I know many of you will decry yet another immaculate performance variant on CC, and to a large degree I agree. But the XA is so good looking from every angle, I’ll take all the gloss as well. Just look at that face.

If I appear biased, it’s because I had an XA sedan; a bog-standard prestige Fairmont. Mine didn’t have the vinyl roof, but it did have the flowerpetal wheel covers (as I used to call them). White with a 250 six, it was completely original when I bought it in 1994 including an intact interior. It wasn’t a trailer queen though, back then these were still beater-grade cars and the one I found for not much money was just a well-cared-for example.

This was my first big car (yes, I know, but when you grow up in a family of Fiats and Volvos, this is big), and I remember sitting on the curb after driving home from work and just spending a few minutes admiring the shape.

Nice rear too. Those taillights were XA only and make for the perfect ending to this piece.

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