Project Beater B: Goes Cruising

Every year in Lethbridge the big local car club, the Street Wheelers, puts on a whole weekend filled with automotive related activities. The highlight might just be a controlled cruise involving hundreds of special interest vehicles that takes on a party like atmosphere. Out for the night of cruising are hot rods, muscle cars, exotics, sports cars and trucks. The perfect event to debut the Beater B.

Several streets are closed off and registration is required. This helps ensure that only special interest vehicles participate and reasonable behavior. I believe they are mostly concerned about burn outs, stunting and drag racing during the cruise. They need not fear the mild mannered MG on any of those fronts.

I lined up to enter my MG B, which appeared to be by far the cheapest vehicle there.

The weekend has a cruise, hundred foot drag racing, auto-x and a show and shine. Due to family commitments I only managed to make the cruise this year although I would have really enjoyed giving the MG a go at auto-x. At registration time I was told to make sure to wash my car. It was not fifthly by any means but certainly the paint was a little dusty after the transmission swap.

I overheard the registration staff asking this rat rod driver to wash his vehicle as well. I am not sure if they understood that a rat rod is supposed to look like that.

I gave the car a quick wash at the local self serve wash. It received the best clean that a dollar would get me. I like to keep my vehicles clean, especially on the inside, but no one will accuse me of excessive car detailing.

My friend Rod managed to get a few shots of MG cruising before I picked him up for a lap.

He managed to get a few in car shots as well.

Detroit iron of many eras was well represented. I am not actually running a yellow light here as most of the intersections are blocked off for the cruise.

It was unusually warm this year with temperatures reaching 39C (102F). A good number of the vehicles were not well suited to low speed cruising in this sort of heat. I had not given the MG much of a shakedown before participating and the 1975 model year still has a mechanical fan. The temperature gauge appeared to work correctly and never climbed above the three quarters mark but one has to slowly build trust in an old car. Given all that plus the fact that British cars are not known for extremely effective cooling I played it safe and parked after a few laps.

This allowed me to get several photos of many of the other participants. Among them a Canadian Beaumont and a brightly colored Henry J. Many of the local businesses along the route get in on the party atmosphere and arrange outdoor patios.

Two takes on a sporty two door; 1970 Rambler Rebel SST and Ford Mustang fastback.

A 1955 Desoto four door with a partially visible and partina rich Volkswagen Beetle behind.

Hot rods of many styles and types were present. The building in the distance is a restaurant converted from an old water tower.

Here is a short video to give you an idea of the cruise.

This European specification Ford Capri is rare sight in Canada.

An early Datsun pickup like this is also an uncommon sight.

Another Canadian variant, this time a 1952 Meteor. These differ from their Ford cousins mostly with badging and trim.

Unlike my MG this Land Rover has room to take the whole family.

1960 Chevrolet Impala with subtle flames.

A lowrider club always has a strong presence over the weekend. This Ford F-series crew cab is a novel choice to slam to the ground.

Another hot rod.

1963 Mercury Monterey and Ford Bronco.

A lot of variety here in one shot – a Datsun roadster, slant nose Porsche, Ford Mustang, pickup truck, and a modern Dodge Challenger. There were a few other little roadsters, a Fiat Spider and a pair of MG Bs plus a Midget, but this Datsun was definitely the most lust worthy roadster for me.

The hot weather forced many classics to take turns in the unofficial cool down area just off the cruise route.


Many interesting vehicles were parked near by including this very Eighties looking Honda Elite 150 moped. There was even a deluxe model that had a pop up headlight.

A rare to see two door 1972 AMC Matador.

This Ford Pinto wagon riding on slot mag wheels give us a good dose of Seventies vibe.

The cruise continued on until after sun down. The MG had survived its first test and event.