Neighborhood Outtake: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser (J60) – The Timeless Icon

These older Land Cruisers have a very loyal following. There’s a number of them around, including at least this one and likely another in my immediate neighborhood. This is a 1988 (thanks to Carfax), of the J60 generation, whose run paralleled the decade of the 80s. Will there be a 2017 Land Cruiser in the driveway in 2047?

I only got this one driveway shot, but we’ve covered one in detail before her,; by Perry Shoar, and then there’s my Land Cruiser history.

I was at the local Toyota dealer recently (to buy a new Corolla for my daughter’s new group home), and while waiting I noticed a new LC in the showroom. It’s a vehicle that’s totally fallen off my radar. I never see new or newish ones; they obviously still have a very small but loyal following. And of course they’re pricey, starting at $85k. Who buys them? Guys who drove Land Cruisers 30 years ago and have become successful?