In Motion Classics: Der Blaue Reiter Edition


I’ve caught enough blue rides from Germany to bring you a colour-coded edition of In Motion Classics. First up is this absolutely delightful W112 300SE. It is one from the collection of avid curbside classicist jim and was captured before we actually met. Lovely hue, and I’ve always preferred the earlier tall grilles on these superb grand coupes. Styling, jim.


This W113 is a 280SL to my recollection. Of course these things are rising and rising in value; I was talking to a woman who was considering one, and when she mentioned that dealers were quoting her over AUD$100k, I took a pause. I thought these had topped out at about $70k, but then again I haven’t looked at W113 prices for nearly a month. hehehe.


Lovely VW Karmann Ghia. I’ll let the CC commentariat let us know what year and engine (if possible). As far as I can see, it’s the most desirable; a thin bumper convertible. I do prefer the coupé lines, though. That’s one happy owner.


This one’s for Paul and Perry. A real-live NSU Ro80 that’s used as a daily driver. Seen this example quite often, but this is the only time I’ve had my phonecamera primed. It lets out a rather distinctive clatter from the engine bay, so I don’t think it’s hiding a Ford V4 or Mazda 13B. Love seeing it around; hopefully one day I’ll get to have a conversation with the owner.