CC What If: 1990 Imperial Crown Coupe?


If there was one car that epitomized the ridiculously endless overuse of the Chrysler K-platform, it was the 1990-1993 “Y-body” Chrysler Imperial. Rein-K-arnated after yet another brief tenure of absence, the 1990 Imperial sedan was intended to compete along the likes of “traditional” luxury cars such as the Cadillac DeVille and Lincoln Continental. This final Imperial to date didn’t sell too well, as the K-platform’s roots and limitations were all too evident in this heavily chromed and vinyl covered, narrow-bodied luxury sedan. A high price tag didn’t help either.

Predictably, a coupe version of the Imperial would’ve sold even fewer units, and it should be noted that sales of 2-door Imperials from the 1950s to 1970s were always paltry, relative to their 4-door counterparts. Sales king Cadillac, on the other hand, sometimes sold a significantly greater amount of 2-doors over 4-doors during that same period. But fantasy is always more fun than reality, so here I present to you, the 1990 Imperial Crown Coupe.

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