In Motion Outtake: Veggie Field Rolling Through Pasture Land

2020 Volvo FH 4x2 - B-Double

Our 25.25 m (82’10”) long EcoCombis come in multiple forms, the set-up of this mobile panorama is called a B-Double. The tractor is a 2020 Volvo FH 4×2 with a 510 hp engine, I’d say it’s towing a field of red leaf lettuce. The Volvo’s drive axle has dual wheels, whereas the seven other axles roll on super singles.

Super EcoCombi

Regarding extra long and heavy big rigs, the so-called Super EcoCombis are being field tested right now. Their maximum overall length is 32 m (104’12”), with a GVM rating of 72 metric tons (158,733 lbs). In practice, the tractor unit is towing two, standard sized semi-trailers. The second semi-trailer is coupled to a converter dolly. (photo courtesy of

The idea behind these warehouses-on-wheels: a further reduction of CO2 emissions, combined with an efficiency improvement. In Europe, some countries have already legalized the Super EcoCombi. A minimum of 10 hp per metric ton vehicle weight is no problem for both Scania and Volvo, as we speak.