In Motion Outtakes: 2016 DAF XF 510 Ecocombi Going Around The Roundabout

Apart from special and heavy haulage, a combination like this is the largest and heaviest type of vehicle rolling down the Dutch roads. It’s called an LZV or Ecocombi; maximum length 25.25 m (82’10”), legal maximum GVM 60 metric tons (132,277 lbs). Last month I caught this splendid example in action, maneuvering through a roundabout.

The 6×2 straight truck is a 2016 DAF XF 510 Super Space Cab, towing a Pacton LZV-dolly (with a fifth-wheel coupling) and a Bulthuis semi-trailer. The DAF, with a 510 hp Paccar MX-13 engine, has a liftable and steering tag axle. The second and third axle of the walking floor semi-trailer are also steering axles.

The DAF truck also features a hydraulic tailgate platform, a hydraulic system (for the semi-trailer’s walking floor) and a compressor system (the semi-trailer can also operate as a dry bulk tanker). The combination transports packaging supplies, eggs and poultry feed.

Look how elegantly and flawlessly this true big rig whirls around. Pay special attention to the second and third axle of the semi-trailer.

This also happens to be my favorite kind of big rig: multiple colors, clean and with a complete absence of shiny and non-shiny gewgaws. Kudos to C. Timmer Transport for keeping it simple and smooth. Oh yes, and it’s a DAF. Bonus kudos!