In Motion Outtakes: A Colorful Diversity Of Carriers On The Move

Scania S450 truck

More variety this time, and I found a much better truck spotting spot than in last week’s edition. So here we go with a 2017 Scania S450 6×2 truck (tag axle up), towing a close-coupled tandem axle trailer. Temperature controlled transport, I’d say it’s a flower hauler, coming back from Germany. Just my € 0.02.

Volvo FH tractor

Shell fuel tanker, a 2019 Volvo FH with a Belgian LAG semi-trailer. The tractor is equipped with a steering and liftable pusher axle. The combination has six axles, that will always do for the national legal maximum GVM of 50 metric tons (110,231 lbs) for standard big rigs, regardless the axle spacings.

Scania R580 truck

This is called an EcoCombi: maximum overall length 25.25 m (82’10”), maximum GVM 60 metric tons (132,277 lbs). The truck is a 2013 Scania R580 6×2 with a 16.4 liter V8. Only the Scania’s drive axle has dual wheels, the rest of the big ‘n long rig is rolling on super singles. There are multiple EcoCombi set-ups, but this one is similar to the Scania above.

DAF XF 460 FT tractor

2017 DAF XF 460 FT, towing an enclosed semi-trailer for temperature controlled transport. The letters FT refer to a 4×2 tractor chassis, DAF uses the letters FA for a 4×2 truck chassis.

Horses in pasture

Meanwhile, on the other side, how many horsepower do we have here?

Mercedes-Benz Atego truck

1999 Mercedes-Benz Atego 1017 truck with a full trailer, such combinations are typically used by market vendors.

Hymer motorhome

2007 Hymer B574SL, an integrated motorhome. Hymer is a highly regarded name in the world of motorhomes.

DAF CF 410 FT tractor

2015 DAF CF 410 FT low-deck tractor, coupled to a semi-trailer for temperature controlled transport. As can be seen, the semi-trailer’s first axle is liftable. Its third axle is a steering axle.

Scania S450 tractor

Scania S450 4×2 tractor, registered in Poland. Common practice among large hauling companies, a registration in a former Eastern Bloc country.

DAF CF 290 FAG truck

A so-called JIF-image (Just-In-Frame), featuring a 2015 DAF CF 290 FAG garbage truck. Just like the Shell tractor further above, the DAF has a steering and liftable pusher axle; a highly common configuration for a garbage truck.

Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew

You didn’t expect to see this here, did you? A Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew. At least, that’s what I make of it, as I couldn’t read its plate. The Ford is towing a 2019 tridem-axle Ifor Williams (UK) flatbed trailer. I’m sure it’s frequently used to transport mobile equipment, as there are slide-out ramps right above the trailer’s license plate.

DAF XF 460 FTG tractor

DAF XF 460 FTG tractor, working for the Visbeen company. FTG, that’s DAF language for a tractor unit with a steering and liftable pusher axle. So this is clearly another 50 tons big rig. As long as it stays in the Netherlands, that is.

Two-lane tunnel

Heading home again, through this two-lane tunnel for slow traffic. Like me, being a pedestrian.

Iveco Daily double cab truck

Previous gen Iveco Daily double cab flatbed truck, carrying miscellaneous items. The Iveco Daily is Europe’s heaviest light truck.

Fendt Farmer narrow track tractor

The last one, and certainly the oldest. A Fendt Farmer 204V narrow track tractor, as used by fruit growers and horticulturists. It has been sitting there for quite some time now, driving a water spray pump when needed. The 204, powered by an air-cooled KHD (Deutz) diesel engine, dates back to the eighties.