In Motion Outtakes: Commercial Vehicles On The Move – And Two Classic Chevies

DAF XF 105 tractor

The weather is still perfect for long walks, it’s sunny yet not too warm. So here’s another round of rolling stock equipment. The semi-trailer’s livery above must look familiar, as DHL is a globally operating courier and parcel service. The tractor is a 2012 DAF XF 105.460 FT.

MAN TGX tractor

2011 MAN TGX tractor with a tanker semi-trailer for transporting human consumption products.

DAF CF truck

2015 DAF CF 290 FAG garbage truck, a rear loader for emptying wheeled dumpsters.

Volvo FM tractor

2010 Volvo FM 410 tractor with a tanker semi-trailer for hauling hazardous materials. The orange sign on the front says 23-1965, that must be LPG.

Scania P-series truck

2014 Scania P250 truck, powered by an inline-five engine (9.3 liter displacement). Such a 4×2 truck chassis, with a standard 7.5 tons front axle, is rated at a maximum GVM of 19 metric tons (41,888 lbs). Logically, the same applies to a 4×2 tractor unit.

Volvo FH tractor

2018 Volvo FH tractor. Another food hauler, obviously.

Mercedes-Benz Atego truck

2013 Mercedes-Benz Atego box truck. Mercedes-Benz can supply any commercial vehicle, from a compact panel van -albeit fully based on the Renault Kangoo- to the heaviest on- and off-road trucks and tractors.

Renault T-series tractor

2015 Renault T-series tractor, driven by Volvo hardware.

MAN TGX tractor

An anonymous big rig from abroad. The MAN TGX tractor is towing a curtain sider, essentially a flatbed semi-trailer. The little hatchback on the left is a 2011 Kia Picanto.

MAN TGS truck

From Germany, a MAN TGS 6×2 truck with a roll off system, towing a full trailer with two axles.

Volvo FH tractor

2011 Volvo FH tractor, coupled to a semi-trailer with a moving (aka walking) floor.

Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor

Another rig from Germany, a Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor and an Italian Tecnokar tanker semi-trailer.

Scania S500 tractor

Several vehicles I caught were owned by the same company, with the same set-up, like this 2018 Scania S500…

Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor

…and this 2014 Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Scania S450 truck

2017 Scania S450 6×2 truck. Such a heavy, big-cab truck looks rather incomplete when it’s not towing a matching trailer.

Scania R410 tractor

2019 Scania R410, working for the Jumbo (can you read it?) supermarket chain.

MAN TGX tractor

2019 MAN TGX tractor. The whole combination has six axles, three of them are up: the tractor’s pusher axle and the semi-trailer’s first and third axle.

DAF XF truck

A combination from Poland for hauling voluminous rather than heavy goods; a DAF XF 6×2 truck, with low profile tires, and a short-coupled tandem axle trailer. I posted a comparable big rig here. On the left, a 2012 Volkswagen Polo 1.2. The Polo is VW’s B-segment/sub-compact hatchback (Jim Klein’s review).

DAF CF tractor

2015 DAF CF 400 FT tractor with a dry bulk tanker for animal feed. It works like this.

Chevrolet Suburban

Here’s a classic Chevrolet, a 1978 two-tone Suburban, 454 engine.

DAF LF 45.150 truck

2004 DAF LF 45.150 truck, carrying a tracked mini-excavator. Evidently, tools and other equipment are stored behind closed doors. The light DAF is powered by a Cummins engine, an inline-four with 3.9 liter displacement.

MAN TGS tractor

DailyFresh number one, a 2018 MAN TGS tractor.

MAN TGX tractor

DailyFresh number two, a 2017 MAN TGX tractor. Clearly, the TGX is the top model, it has a bigger cab than the TGS (just look at the width and height). Same engine and power though, 420 DIN-hp from MAN’s 12.4 liter inline-six.

Scania R500 tractor

Another couple, hammering down the road; 2007 Scania R500 tractor, 15.6 liter V8.

Scania R520 tractor

Followed by this 2017 Scania R520 with a 16.4 liter V8 and the semi-trailer in matching Van Iterson Bros livery.

Mercedes-Benz Antos truck

2019 Mercedes-Benz Antos truck with a 7.7 liter inline-six under its day cab, 272 DIN-hp.

Mercedes-Benz Antos truck

No, not the same Benz from another angle. This is a 2016 Antos, same engine, though with 238 DIN-hp.

Chevrolet Suburban

The other classic Chevy, also a Suburban. I coulnd’t read its plate, but it seems to be of the same era as the one further above. The CC Commentariat can tell.

VW Crafter panel van

Ending today’s tour with a typical rig for a landscape gardener: a full-size panel van with a trailer for carrying mobile machinery, like a small excavator or wheel loader. The van is a 2009 Volkswagen Crafter 2.5 TDI (inline-five engine).