Act of Desperation of the Day: Continental Sales Are Plummeting. Solution: Offer Suicide Rear Doors For an Extra $53k

Lincoln’s Continental $47k sedan has seen its sales drop over 30% this year so far. The solution? Starting this coming summer, for an extra $53k you can get suicide rear doors! That’s just $26,500 per door. If the average owner were to add up how many times they actually open the rear door, one could calculate a very interesting cost-per-opening number. Care to guess?

Silly me. As if the few lucky souls who end up with one of these cares about that sort of thing.

Full disclosure: You actually get a bit more for your $100k than just the suicide rear doors. Like an extra 6″ of wheelbase. And the Blackwood trim. Which means this is obviously targeted to the Chinese market, where lwb sedans are a must above the most utilitarian ones.

I hope there’s an automatic door closing assist, as otherwise this looks to be rather difficult to close manually.

If you must have one, better run with your checkbook to your Lincoln dealer to reserve one, as only 80 will be offered in the US in 2019. There will be a “limited” number available in the 2020 model year. If there is a 2020 model year, as the Conti is on a death watch, for the US, anyway.

So how much for some Lambo doors?