Farewell Falcon: Ford Australia To Cease All Car Production By 2016

ford -falcon-ecoboost-2013-w

No, we’re getting into industry news. But the Australian Falcon has a special place in our hearts. Not just because of its storied name, that it’s RWD, and the fact that its potent 261 hp DOHC  six cylinder engine has its origins in the lowly 1960 Falcon six. But it marks the end of a long tradition of Australian Ford production, that dates back to 1925 and the Model A.

The high value of the Australian dollar, along with the globalization of the industry, just don’t make auto production in Australia viable, as well as a consumer shift to smaller cars. I saw this coming years ago, but there’s naturally been a lot of denial. So how long will Holden hold on?

guardian.uk   hat tip to robadr!