Invading The Vintage: Franco Brambilla’s Imaginarium Intersects Old Cars

Thanks to a tip from Read Fleming, I was introduced to the fantastical work of one Franco Brambilla, whose series “Invading The Vintage” has a number of scenes that involve old cars and…not old cars. I checked in with Franco, and he has given us permission to show some of the more auto-tastic ones, but there’s lots more at his flickr page, and his website.  I picked this one for the top because of that highly unusual double-axled Alfa Romeo limo back there. Carlo swears that’s not a photochop; should I believe him?

This one’s called “We Sell Used Cars and Droids”. Looks like there’s quite a bit of interest in that yellow Morris Marina.

That’s not how to park a TIE fighter.

“Insomnia”  Nice Buick. Americans on vacation, or wealthy Italians?

Vintage airplanes too. Vickers Viscount in front, the first commercial turbo-prop plane. Interesting choice of including Santa Barbara, as she is the patron saint of artillerymen, as well as anyone working with cannons and explosives…miraculous landing indeed.

You did say you wanted a reservation at Barney’s UFO Motel, no?

We’ll leave it with this shot of one of Franco’s friends with his beloved Alfa Sprint Speciale and its admirers.  Thanks again, Franco.