Is That A 1960 Pontiac In The Making? Rescued Studio Art

The world of car studios, and the endless winnowing of designs into something that becomes production worthy is such a bottomless pit of fascination that I have to tie on a helium balloon before I head to a site like deansgagrage. Dedicated to the history of design with lots of insider stories, today there’s a post about one Jeff Gold’s efforts to rescue obscure studio art. Not surprisingly, a lot of it ended up on the equivalent of the cutting room floor. But it makes for interesting speculation as to the influence, small as it may have been, any given piece may have had in what finally emerged as a production-ready design. This one is by Pete Wozena; at GM, of course.

This one, also by Wozena, is a bit murkier. Although that rear end did show up in various GM products, more or less.

This more recent one by Ed Welburn certainly invokes Olds and Cadillacs.

George Anderson of GM is credited with this, but it screams Ford to me.

Finally, one by a more obscure artist, Charles McHose, whose employer is unidentified. What car(s) do you see having been influenced by this rendering from 1965?