Is This The Abandoned 1959 Cadillac Before The “Palace Coup”?

(first posted 10/21/2012)      The story has been told many times: After Chuck Jordan had caught sight of a new 1957 Chrysler, Bill Mitchell and the rest of the GM design team tossed out the renderings and clays they’d been working on for the 1959 models while Harley Earl was away in Europe, then confronting him with a drastically changed approach when he returned. I’ve been wanting to see what was abandoned; now, glen.h seems to have a shot of what was undoubtedly a Cadillac clay that could only have been for 1959.

Just for comparison–as if you needed it–here’s the final design.

And here’s the 1958. It’s pretty easy to see aspects of the ’58s design being carried on into the abandoned ’59 proposal, for continuity.

Of course, there may well have been several different clays under development at the time, but this one makes a pretty compelling argument for being the one.