CC’s Western Wall – Sacred Ground

While obviously the significance to us is less than the real Western Wall in Jerusalem, this wall of former Curbside Classics can also be regarded as a significant site (to those followers of our little religion).  So please grab your hymnals, anoint yourself with a dab of 10W-30 (preferably Quaker State), have a small cup of ATF and a (deodorizing) wafer at the ready and step closer to this altar of our faith, my dear disciples…

As some of you know, I’ve been spending a bit of time going back and fort to Laramie, WY over the last few years and usually pass by an enormous scrapyard just southwest of the intersection of I-80 and Hwy287.  Well, today was the day that while seriously pressed for time, I felt a calling.  So I decided to take a closer look and somehow ended up on the backside of the yard between it and the railroad tracks.  I’m not sure if I was on yard land or railroad land but there was a dirt road and no fence, so let’s bow our heads and go!

The opening shot was of a chunk of the “wall”, here are several overlapping snippets of the same wall in more detail.  It goes on for probably a quarter mile or more and isn’t just one layer, it appear to be many multiple layers deep.  I’m not sure if the yard is a junk yard or more of a scrap and metal recycling yard as many of the vehicles appear to be extremely complete with clearly saleable items attached.  However I don’t see any good (or remotely safe) way of dismantling this structure to ever do anything with the vehicles besides just tear them apart and crush them.

I kind of wandered from right to left (Hebrew style I suppose) and am now noticing what you may notice too – many regular cars, and relatively few imports, which was (and is) a large part of the vehicular makeup of the area.

In this shot I can see a BMW 320i in that ubiquitous powder blue color and of course a Volvo 200-series as well as an 80’s Toyota Celica on top along with a cross section of at least twenty years of Americana.  Maybe this is where all those CC’s that used to litter your neighborhood ended up.

Perched on top is an early Subaru wagon and a blue 90’s Toyota Tercel (the puffy style) to the lower right which itself is crushing a Subaru sedan in a fetching shade of dark brown.  I think it’s a fairly high-spec but early model judging by the white metal wheels.  Of course the Suburban at the bottom dominated the scene but check out the two almost identical charcoal Chrysler minivans.  Do the differing hubcaps denote the difference between Plymouth and Dodge or just different years of one of them?

Whoa!  Behold the high priestess of the highway and byway, a Southwind Motorhome.  Right below is the van that had all the free candy your mother warned you about.

Methinks there is a Honda Civic peeking out backwards near the upper left but other than that it’s all American here.  I’m guessing the green paint has something to do with perhaps a demolition derby (?), that barbaric sacrificial ritual.  Maybe the green paint is the mark of the beast.

At first I thought we had ourselves a Mitsubishi Mighty Max, but instead it’s a later model Dodge Ram 50 in the midst of the choir section!  The poor Bronco at the bottom didn’t stand a chance against the weight of the world piled on top of it but notice the Four-Door-Sportscar (Nissan Maxima) crashing the party and coming over the top!

Blocking the view is a Winnebago Indian.  One wonders if it and the Southwind from before are locals or if they were in transit when something awful befell them and they were left behind on this trail of tears.

At this point I hopped back into my car and went further down and found kind of a car junkyard (with a fence) and then turned around and took in a few more unfenced sights.  Here, the first-generation Acura Legend Coupe caught my eye in what I think is my favorite color that it was offered in.  Is that a blue Ford Focus sedan on top sort of sitting inside what’s left of a silver or silver-beige Camry?  Also that may be a Cadillac Catera all the way at the top judging by what I can see of the taillight panel.

This one’s sort of random, I didn’t think I was going to use all I shot, but then they all seemed interesting after reviewing them more.  Here there’s a 90’s Cadillac Seville (Pearl White, middle-ish), and a mid to late 80’s Honda Accord on top mixed in with more prosaic vehicles, all stacked like cordwood.  Still, nothing newer than mid-90’s as far as I can tell, so all CC, all the time.

What are the two magnificent beasts mounted on top of each other at the left?  I haven’t spent enough time in Indiana lately to readily identify them definitively but I know you will think it’s obvious.  Same with the red truck cab peeking out from the center.

My last shot for today includes the Winnebago again and repeat performances from a slightly different angle for some others.  I hope you enjoyed this little worship service at the altar of the departed from the highway, and hope that all pictured rest in peace beneath the enormous Wyoming sky.