Canadian Junkyard Classics: Frozen In Time

canadiancatgreen downloaded another batch of his junkyard finds at the Cohort, so we’ll pick some of the more interesting ones to share here, starting with this Maverick.

This ’63 Chevy looks like it’s getting saved.

Lots of rust to be seen up here in Canada.

When the last time you saw a Diamante. I had one as a rental once; not bad.

We still have a number of these on the streets here in Eugene. Looks like the ATM machine was ripped off.

A Mazda MX-6.

Stanza and VW T2.

Mazda 929.

A Lada 2106. Won’t find that down here.

A diesel Benz has finally expired. These Mazdas really do rust.

It’s identified as an “Asuna Sunrinner”. Not “Sunrunner”? OK. Otherwise known as a Tracker or Vitara.

1977 Cadillac CDV.

1979 Olds 98 Regency.


1989 Olds 98.



Taurus wagon.


1962 Corvair.

1966 Ford Custom 500.

1979 Lincoln.

Another Snowbird

Ford Granada.

1986 CV.

1971 Olds Cutlass.

A Tracker and a Dust Buster in the distance.