Junkyard Classics: Ralf K. Visits Hidden Valley Auto in Maricopa, AZ

Ralf K. (aka Don Kincl) has a number of uploads at the Cohort that I need to get to. We’ll start with these, taken at Hidden Valley Auto in Maricopa, AZ. Obviously, this is not your typical Pick N Pull, but more like an Arizona retirement village for aged vehicles, and quite diverse ones at that, starting with this ’59 Dodge.

A ’52 Pontiac has already donated a few body parts and organs.

Lots of trucks of all kinds.

That exhaust on top of the Chevy Van looks rather sculptural.

Honda 600s. The well-finned cylinder barrels are visible.

Fiat 500. And a Vauxhall front end. How did that end up in Arizona. A Canadian snowbird car that wouldn’t go back up north in the spring?


And a Borgward Isabella.

Although it’s in the same batch, this one is titles as being at the Raceway Bar and Grill, also in Maricopa.There’s a lot of interest in this little grouping, including a Flxible Clipper, which Jim Brody has written up here.