Junkyard Outtake: 1962 and 1963 Thunderbirds – Holding Hands on the Way to the Gallows


In an earlier post, I hinted at a visit to an ancient salvage yard that was soon to be closing its doors.  These two Bullet Birds were sitting side by side that day, and their days are numbered.  There are few usable parts left on any of the scrapped vehicles, but there could have been with a little careful planning, oh, let’s say 40 years ago.

Nevertheless, these cars are passing time together as they await the inevitable awful on the other side of the crusher.  This generation of Thunderbird is my favorite, making this an especially melancholy image.  Sharp-eyed viewers may notice the ’60 T-Bird on the right, and the ’65 on the left.  It’s a veritable Thunderbird cornucopia, worthy of Thunderbird week.