Junkyard Outtake: Junkyard Birds of the Nineties – Bad Breaks


Now it’s time for another automotive admission of guilt: my favorite Thunderbird, bar none, was the tenth generation.  I’m sure this is to cause nearly as much controversy as my thoughts on the Honda CRX, but to this day I’d take a mid-90’s Super Coupe with a manual over any other T-Bird to have as my own.  Second on my list would be the same generation, except a T-Bird LX with the 4.6, those awesome fan-blade wheels shod with BFG Radial T/A’s – white letters out, thank you very much!


My Dad and I visited the local self service junkyard last weekend searching for parts for mom’s Mustang GT and lo and behold – this one is almost perfect!  I couldn’t believe how many cars I’d lusted after as a teen that were now sitting up ready to be torn apart by ham-fisted gear heads in search of a bolt, bracket, transmission or what have you.


It even has a sunroof!?? Oh man, this car was just killing me.  4.6, sunroof but… that color.  I guess that’s why this car didn’t get so much love – I can’t imagine much of a resale for a mint on green Thunderbird in a state that gets snow.  Still.. those wheels!  Do they get any better?


As it turns out, they do!  Now the above car caused some mild amusement on my part, and some thought about “if it had been black.. it would be killing me right now..”.  What happens as I turn down the next row?  Our cover car.


Admittedly the cover angle was it’s best side but still – this one!  A LX with the 4.6, black on grey with that 90’s spoiler on the trunk.  Given a choice for a good weather daily driver, I’d choose almost this exact car.  You have to admit having the 4.6 and that big chassis around you has some appeal to it while cruising the city streets.  It ain’t no Prius, that’s for sure, but man.. what a cruiser!



I’ll pass on leather and take the cloth instead, but that interior sure looks comfortable.  Another admission of guilt in that I would take this over a cramped little sports car any day of the week, and definitely over any other Thunderbird.  So this one is black with a 4.6 and leather, what other surprises can it hold?


Wheels!  I’d completely forgotten that you could get these Super-Coupe styled wheels on the LX and man – these things sure did look good.  Okay so the black ‘bird is winning, but notice what else we see there?  For those keeping count add to the 4.6, leather, 148,000 miles, rust free body a seemingly low-worn set of Goodyear TripleTreads which aren’t cheap at all.  I was pretty surprised they were still here.  So what could have led this ‘bird to it’s last resting place instead of my driveway?



I’ve got to get better at finding cars like this before they hit the boneyard in our disposable society.  Of all the cars I saw, that one just killed me!