Junkyard Outtake: AMCs in the Back Forty


As AMC Week has rolled on, I’ve been rather quiet. Why? Mostly because I’ve only owned two AMC products – both of them Jeeps, and both of them previously featured here. So when the time came for my usual Wednesday post, I just didn’t have anything to say.

But now with Friday upon us, it’s time once again for the Junkyard Outtake. And though I may not have any curbside AMCs to share, I do have several wrecks lined up for your viewing pleasure. Let’s have a look, shall we?

With everything else that’s been going on this week (my brother destroying his truck, me towing it back from the site of its destruction, the two of us stripping and scrapping it, then using the proceeds to purchase a Roadmaster and get it roadworthy, all before he ran out of vacation days and had to return to work), the Junkyard Outtake was a little late in coming today. But hey – better late than never! Plus, the Roadmaster’s story practically writes itself… that’ll be one for the coming days.

Out at the “back forty” junkyard we’ve been visiting these past months, there’s a small section of AMC products. I shot many of them this past fall.


This second-gen Javelin must have been a sight to behold back in the day.


Black stripe, (Canary?) yellow paint… and is that vinyl roof trim I see? Bet this one turned a few heads!


What have we here?


I’m no AMC expert, but it looks like that badge once said “AMX”.


This ’73 or ’74 Javelin isn’t exactly optioned up, but yet it still has stripes. (Wonder if someone added them later?) The twisted wreck leaning against it looks to have been a first-gen Javelin at one time.


Got bucket seat frames? If not, this one does. (Are my eyes deceiving me, am I seeing the effects of weather on a glass-less car… or did someone put black buckets into a white interior car?)


Say it with me, folks: “Front End Collision.”


This 304 V8, surely long since stuck, lurks under the hood.


The emissions label confirms this as being a final-year Javelin. It also tells us this one shipped with an auto-box.


Here’s that first-gen Javelin again. If you need floor pans, rockers, or other such metal… you’re in the wrong place.


This liftback Eagle coupe has been out here for as long as I can remember. It claims to be an SX/4, the sported-up version.


That door crease isn’t going to buff out.


Nor will that fender crease. Ouch!


It’s always sad to see hard-to-find cars rotting away, but at least this one’s been pretty well picked over.


It wouldn’t be an AMC without plaid seats!


Pop-up sunroof – aftermarket, I’d assume.


Taillights? What taillights?


There had been an AMC straight six under this hood. I was surprised when it disappeared a year ago, after decades of sitting out in the elements. Somebody must have wanted one pretty badly.


Like all the AMCs we’ve seen here today, this Eagle will almost certainly never see the road again. But at least we can take comfort in knowing that, even in death, it is still serving a purpose by allowing others to live and drive another day.


Next week, it’s back to the U-Pull to check out the new arrivals. Auroras, Rivieras, J-body ragtops – and a few other surprises along the way. Don’t miss it!