The AMC I Forgot About: Sundancer – The Only Way To Top A Concord Or Eagle

AMC Eagle sundancer_convertible_beige_NJimage: wikipedia

The Eagle wasn’t exactly an easy car to outdo, especially as a two door with a landau vinyl roof. But Griffith Industries, which also built the similar Toyota Celica Sunchaser, had a solution. The price wasn’t exactly cheap ($3,750)–or about a 50% increase over the donor car–which may help explain why only some 500 were sold. But if you wanted sun and views to go with your luxurious off-roading–back when that concept was pretty much unheard of–the Eagle Sundancer was hard to top.

AMC Concord Sundancer03-1

The Sundancer was also available on the Concord. ≠

AMC Sundancer 02-1

Both were offered during the 1981 and 1982 model years. Now who’s going to find one on the streets?