Junkyard Outtake: Pretty Wild For An Oldsmobile


While hunting for Touring Sedan parts today, I came upon this odd sight: an ’89 sporting dark blue leather buckets with white centers and piping. At first, I was torn on their authenticity – they did appear to have the proper Oldsmobile logotype stitching in the backrests, but… that color combo? Nah, couldn’t be.

It was only when I found the factory tags underneath the backseat that I was convinced.

A Touring Sedan is, of course, a sported-up 98 that was designed to be Oldsmobile’s German import fighter of the late eighties (related CC here). As such, the standard equipment list was lengthy. Each one came with the vaunted FE3 performance suspension, leather interior with special power buckets and a console, real wood accents, a “horseshoe” style floor shifter, charcoal colored body trim, full instrumentation, foglights, and a variety of other options.

This particular car must have had some stories to tell. It was originally blue (Dark Sapphire Metallic?) before being repainted white, and having the trunk lock shaved for reasons unknown. At some later point, a youthful owner (college aged, judging by the contents) got his hands on it and repainted all the charcoal accents and brightwork in a blue similar to the car’s original color. Then its tranny died, and it unceremoniously entered the scrap metal foodchain.

I would love to have bought the buckets, as they were nice not so long ago. But open doors and a few months of rain did them in. Never fear, though – at minimum, I can say that its backseat, console lid, and genuine wood dash bezel will live on.

So, what’s the strangest factory interior color combo you’ve seen lately?