QOTD: What Did You Really Want?


Eleven or twelve years ago, Mrs. Jason and I went car shopping.  At the time, she had a ’96 Ford Escort and I had my ’96 Thunderbird.  They were what we had when we married and they were both two-door cars.  With having to contend with a baby’s car seat, we knew one of them had to go.

My Thunderbird was to fly away.

We decided upon a Taurus – easy to find, economical, and reliable.  Or so we thought.  Anyway, this car is exactly what we were looking for at that time.


Chestnut in color and equipped with the 24 valve 3 liter V6.  Ours was identical to this one, except it didn’t have the higher output engine.  The combination of color and engine could not be found anywhere within a reasonable distance of Kansas City.

Imagine my surprise when I found this.


It is almost heartbreaking to realize my true desire was out there.  So the question is:  From the times you have purchased a used car, what was something you really wanted yet simply could not find?


 I suppose if I really do want this Taurus, I’ll need to keep my eye on govdeals.com