Junkyard Outtake: Stacking The Deck


“Neither snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night…” – even with all three sending holiday travelers into the ditches en masse as I write this, the Junkyard Outtake rolls on! Let’s see how many gems we can spot in these stacks.


Since our family celebrated Christmas on the 24th this year, that left the 25th open for other things – such as finishing projects. The Suburban engine swap that I started two weeks ago had been taken to about 80% completion within the first three days, but was left to lay as other, more pressing things demanded my attention.

With a day finally available, there was no time like the present (ha ha). So I spent my Christmas with wrenches in hand. Despite the replacement motor being newer and slightly different from the old one, the swap brought only the usual sorts of semi-minor frustrations, and was ultimately successful.

Once again I am properly equipped to hit the road in all kinds of weather – even for purposes so insignificant as junkyard browsing and picture-taking. Hurrah!

Really trivial trivia: There are at least three future Junkyard Outtake feature cars behind this Suburban… can you spot them?

Enough with the updates – let’s get back to the stacks of cars!


In this particular week, not many cars were slated to meet the crusher. Most of this stack was newer FWD vehicles. (I should really come back around mid-winter, when even retail scrap goes north of $200/ton, and the stacks get HUGE. That would make for some interesting pictures!)


That car hogging the foreground is worth a closer look. It’s an H-body Olds 88 coupe… and a rough one at that (years of sitting in some farmer’s hay field with no wheels tends to have such an effect). Too bad; these two-doors seem to be rather uncommon.


Nearby another stack is forming – and this one has some older iron in it. At least one more coupe awaits its final chapter here. (Wish I’d known whose backyard it was sitting in 15 years ago; it might have been savable then!)

They say desperation is the mother of creativity, and the maroon LeSabre on top is living proof. Who’d have thought that Rallye II on back would have fit?


What’s that you say? You want more? Okay. Here, have a Javelin!

Next week the Junkyard Outtake breaks new ground by presenting the first-ever Junkyard CC Clue. Don’t miss it!