Snowyside Outtake: Mercedes-Benz 190E – In Ein Winter-Wunderland


Parked just a few spots down from the Jag I spotted during the season’s first snow was this very stealthy-looking Mercedes-Benz 190E. Not really sure what a South Carolina car was doing in the far end of a Massachusetts shopping center parking lot, but it’s warmer place of registry no doubt contributes to its pristine appearance.


While the 190 Series (W201 to the technical people) wasn’t met with universal success in North America, had I been in the market for an entry-level luxury car in the late-eighties/early-nineties, this would have been near the top of my list. I always liked its looks, a scaled-down W124 if you may. It’s interior layout was also very similar to the larger W124, but the horizontal taillights provided some much needed distinction. In fact, as a kid, that’s how I distinguished the “older little Mercedes” from the “older medium Mercedes” (“older”, as by the time I was naming cars, the successors to both of these models were on sale).

190E Interior MBtex

The interior of this one was dark tan colored MB Tex like the picture above, and it was in very good condition I should add. I guess that’s the benefit of MB Tex over leather. I did try to take pictures of it, but the windows were too wet and I didn’t want to be cleaning snow off of someone else’s car.


From the trunk badges, this one is clearly powered by the 2.6L inline six, the largest engine one could get in a 190. I thought the license plate was funny, as its stamped “GPS” is the closest one could get to having a GPS when this car was new.

Mercedes 190E W201 full CC here