Junkyard Outtake: When You Just Can’t Find That Roll Of Duct Tape…

Imagine, if you will, you’re in your 2004 Toyota Matrix heading back home from getting a pack of smokes or whatever at the Gas’N’Sip and as you run the red light just a little bit someone doesn’t pay attention and runs into the side of your car.  No biggie, there are still three other doors that work just fine but now the rain’s coming in the damaged one.  What to do?  Back in the day we’d of course bust out the jumbo roll of duct tape but that’s too hard for the kids these days, the expanding foam can has that neat nozzle straw to direct the spray into the tiniest of gaps.  Perfect!

Sadly there’s not even the tiniest bit of pride in workmanship evident in this repair but I do think that perhaps the makers of the foam could consider marketing their product in an assortment of exciting colors, or at least shades of gray, in order to gain greater market acceptance in a heretofore untapped niche.

Normally the engine’s the first thing to go from a junked Toyota especially when it’s fairly evident that it’s there due to some other cause.  Perhaps potential buyers figured that in this case with this “repair” the regular maintenance regimen may be a little more suspect than usual as well…

Fun Fact:  We’ve had at least four Cars Of A Lifetime reports regarding this generation of Matrix and two of the Pontiac Vibe sister car, making this generation Matrix/Vibe perhaps the most popular COAL cart to date with most opting for the 2003 models…

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