Non-Project XJ6 Junkside Outtake: For Lack Of Better Words (And Pictures)


As most of you know, I usually bring you Project XJ6 updates at around this time each Wednesday, and the Junkyard Outtake every Friday. But this week, things just aren’t working out that way. So, rather than pages’ worth of all things new and exciting, today I give you… this.

What can I say? This week just hasn’t been very conductive to writing.

The weekend was occupied by all-night work that spilled over into Monday. My brother’s birthday came on Tuesday, along with a major shift in a project I’ve been working on (yay, another all-nighter!). Today brings the collision of my birthday, and a full day of snooze-worthy meetings that I was unable to duck out of. Thursday will find me off at a (likewise inescapable, and similarly boring) conference; and on Friday I’ll be back at the office, trying to make up for all the hours wasted earlier in the week.

With all that going on, there wasn’t time to tour any junkyards. There also wasn’t time (much less non-rainy weather) to shoot pictures for this week’s Project XJ6 – which, dare I say, is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. I’d love to share the story with you now… but without pictures, it comes across kinda flat.

Next week promises to be much more workable. I’m really looking forward to showing you the results of the Jag’s road test – including a twist that I’m positive no one will guess. I’m also excited to bring you the long-awaited Chryslers of the Back Forty, and to check out a new self-serve yard that recently opened. So much to see in the coming days!

Until then, enjoy a few pictures of this donked, torched, 4WD-ified Fleetwood concoction.