QOTD: What Was Your Easiest/Hardest Car To Work On?


My roommate bought a new truck to help us in our move, and we took it to our mechanic’s shop to trouble shoot a probable vacuum leak.  Upon arrival I couldn’t help but spot this classic old American truck getting some finishing touches.  The sheer openness of the engine bay stood in stark contrast to his Japanese rig.

Not only does this Chevy six have 50% more cylinders than Jerry’s Nissan, but the amount of wiggle room around it is exponentially higher.  To wit:


Along the troubleshooting way we took the cap and rotor off for an exam (which we subsequently replaced).  The view of the cap:


I had mostly forgotten about the 10-plug cap on these Nissan Z24 rigs, compared to the four on the Toyotas I am so familiar with.  Getting the order correct on any cap is always paramount, and even more difficult when you have so many leads to connect.  On the converse:


In any event, you could rent a room in the available space around the cap on this rig, non-smoking recommended.  I marveled at the simplicity of the old truck compared to the slightly less old Japanese pickup, and thought back to the dozens of cars and trucks and vans I have owned regarding the ease or difficulty of doing DIY repairs.  Re-brushing the alternator on my 87 Integra involved removing the driver’s side wheel and cv axle, whereas I replaced the alternator on my 84 Camry (the first time I had ever done such) in about ten minutes.

So I’d like to hear from the CC Commentariat:  what are you most memorable DIY dreams and nightmares?