QOTD: Alright, What Car Is THIS?

Maybe half an hour after Daniel Stern’s QOTD went live yesterday, I ran across this at the Greeley-Weld County Airport.  We had gone there for an airshow that ended up being rained out, so we looked for the airport diner instead.  Around the corner I spotted what apparently passes for lawn art in the area so I stopped for a minute.

The above picture is likely the rear of the vehicle given that it has the registration sticker on the license plate.  There is an important clue here – the registration sticker itself.  Expiring in May of 1998, this vehicle can’t be any newer manufacture than from May of 1997, comfortably making it a Curbside Classic, unless someone added the plate later…This is how I found it.  Maybe this is all way too easy though.

Yes, I was kind enough to take shots from multiple angles so you can determine if it’s a Zephyr, or a Zodiac or a Consul or maybe something completely different.

This is probably the front end.  It was absolutely pissing down rain so take that into consideration, although the rain probably makes the paintwork appear showroom fresh.  Kids, NEVER buy a car in the rain, you will regret it when it dries up.

I have no idea if it ran when parked.  I just know it’s not going anywhere currently…David Saunders could maybe do a little welding magic and put it back together but otherwise I’m not sure.

This final shot gives the scene some more much-needed scale to help you finalize your decisions as to what it is/was.  It looks like the size of the car was probably larger than the fire hydrant but smaller than the building.  Well, what guess you?