Kenworth Bi-Level Buses Predict The Famous Scenicruiser Twenty-Five Years Earlier

Kenworth bus 1937

(first posted 3/12/2013)     Yesterday’s post on the vintage Kenworth bus reminded me of a couple of their more distinctive designs. The GMC-Greyhound bi-level Scenicruiser was iconic, and set off a rash of imitators world-wide. Based on a design of Raymond Loewy supposedly inspired by an earlier patent by Roland E. Gegoux, it was hailed as a stylistic and practical breakthrough. But it was anything but new or original, as this 1937 Kenworth bus illustrates quite well. It was used in the Pacific North West for a number of years. But was it original? Is anything?

Kenworth bus 1929

Here’s an even earlier inbusnation of the hi-lo design, from 1929. It also plied the North West, some ten years earlier. And just for fun, here’s another unique design from the ever creative North West; Eugene’s own Sail Bus:

CC 45 075 800 Sailbus