Kevin Martin – In Memoriam

Kevin Martin

CC’s greatest strength is the wide range of voices here; who wants to hear the same one constantly?  The community of CC Contributors is diverse and eclectic, but all have a passion for things automotive.  But perhaps the most unique and passionate voice here was that of Kevin Martin, who shared his many personal interests and life experiences here, which ranged from vintage Indy 500 racing, Cars of My Girlfriends, Checker Cabs, Bonneville, trains, his 1960 Fury and many other subjects, with an unmistakable style, humor, and dry wit. And often illustrated with his splendid vintage Kodachrome photos. I’m really going to miss him here.

Kevin Martin bus

Kevin passed away on November 6th, after a fairly brief struggle with liver cancer. His last post was in April of this year, and his last comment, on a subject very dear to him (VW Rabbit racing), was just on October the 12th. His obituary is here. Our condolences go to his wife of 38 years, Sue, and his two sons and one grandson. Kevin was a devoted family man and will be missed greatly by them.

All of Kevin’s CC posts can be accessed here, chronologically. And in memoriam, I’m going to pick various ones and re-run them for the next week or so. We may not be able to savor anymore fresh posts by Kevin, but we can relive his past ones, thanks to the posterity he left us here.  Thanks, Kevin, for sharing your rich and full life with us all here on the pages of CC.