Labor Day Outtake: Ford C-Series AWD – Not Laboring Today

CC 233 033 1200

This vintage Ford AWD C-Series boom truck is still at work for a tree company. But it’s getting a break on Labor Day, as I hope you are. Perry is off for the week, for a well earned vacation. And I’m turning over rentals, as the kids come back for school. So this coming week might see a few less posts and a few more re-runs. I know some of you CC old-timers have seen some of our “Classic” posts before, but they’re popular with our newer readers, as well as those of us older folks whose memories seem to appreciate a bit of regular reinforcement. Sometimes I re-read my older posts and go; Wow; how did I come up with that?

Thanks for making July and August by far our most successful months ever at CC; almost a million Page Views in each of those months. Where’s everybody coming from, and how did you find us?

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