History Capsule: Loose-Pillow Upholstery Origins Discovered, Thanks To The CC Commentariat

In yesterday’s Cutlass Supreme CC, I asked the question where and when its loose-pillow upholstery first appeared. Leave it to the the CC sleuths to ferret out the answer: the 1972 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. Interesting follow up also to the ’72 98 Coupe we just had the day before. Maybe we should change the site’s name to OO (Olds Omniscience)?

Supremebrougham and stanly honed in on the answer, and I present you the evidence, thanks to oldcarbrochures. Here’s a bit more on the Regency, a special Olds 75thAnniversary model:

And a close-up of the detailed description of the upholstery: