Lots Of Aussie Heavy Metal Posted At The Cohort

Chrysler AUS Charger rear

Our intrepid man down under in New Zealand has posted a raft of shots from the Wheels On Windsor Show at the Cohort. One that caught my attention was this rear shot of a Chrysler Charger with its tunnel-back C-pillar. There are all kinds of Australian and NZ goodies, including numerous Chrysler “Hemi” sixes in various stages of tune. Here’s another one I couldn’t resist:

AUS Turbo six

I’m pretty sure this is a Holden six (Bryce didn’t label it), but this one has been turbo’d in a rather intriguing fashion, with a couple of SU carbs providing the mixture. Now that’s not exactly what you’d expect to see hereabouts. But why not?

Bryce’s shots begin here.