Automotive Media: Unexpected (To Me) Death Of The Publication, Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car (R.I.P.)


Yesterday I received my May 2017 copy of Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car, and with that issue came the very sad announcement from Dave LaChance, Editor, that this was to be the final printed copy of Sports & Exotic Car that I would receive, that Hemmings was terminating publication of this magazine after a 12 year publication run.  I have attached Dave’s final Editor’s Comments, a copy of the formal Hemmings’ notification letter of publication termination, and a copy of the final magazine cover.

Dave detailed that the magazine had grown over 12 years to  approximate 55,000 “enthusiastic” subscribers with an enviable renewal rate “that’s the envy of the industry”.  He also described that the demographics of the subscribers was enviable, young,–58% between the ages of 39 and 64–well educated, and with the highest median income of all of the Hemmings titles.

I have known that print media is and has been under enormous financial and distribution stresses after the advent of the internet, but I have continued to especially enjoy some print media, especially the unique features of Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car.  I will truly miss it, since I especially looked forward to receiving it much like I enjoyed receiving the “old” Road & Track for decades.  I, for one, would have been willing to pay a higher subscription fee to have kept this magazine afloat.  It will be very much missed.

If Sports & Exotics Car, with its circulation number and with the reported highest median income of all of the Hemmings titles has ceased publication, then what is the health of the remaining Hemmings titles?